Will Fogging Kill MOSQUITO

Fogging for killing mosquitoes and eliminating the risk of dengue and other diseases has become a common practice. Yet the debate is unsettled on the fact that fogging kills and harms other species or not. The majority of the people have seen the ill effect of fogging on other species and in fact, have claimed that it is harmful to humans too. To understand whether fogging can kill germs or not, we need to dissect its compositions and elements.

Ingredients used by fogging companies

Many businesses make the claim that the insecticides they spray on lawns are safe for all insects except mosquitos. These businesses are likewise adamant about not disclosing the substances they utilise. This article offers details on what they spray and the consequences of those substances. Keeping with the same mentioned below is the list of most of the active ingredients used by these companies:

  • Bifenthrin,

  • Deltamethrin

  • Lambda‑cyhalothrin

  • Permethrin

  • D-allethrin Bifenthrin,

  • Cyfluthrin

Do fogging kills germs?

The answer is yes maybe not directly but the sequence of events followed by the fogging can make germs.. Pyrethroids are capable of killing all arthropods, not just insects. If a yard is sprayed, dead spiders, mites, centipedes, and millipedes are likely to be found. One obvious effect of gassing all the arthropods in a yard is that arthropod-eating bird species will have a lot less to eat.

Is fogging safe for pets?

Dogs and hens appear to be in good health. Cats, on the other hand, lack sufficient quantities of a liver enzyme that aids in the detoxification of pyrethroids, resulting in pyrethroid toxicosis. The typical warning of keeping cats away from pyrethroid-treated canines is a solid sign of cat sensitivity to pyrethroids. To put it another way, if you give your dog a lot of pyrethroids (to treat fleas, for example), cats who cuddle with the dog are at risk.


By all the discussion it boils down to choosing the right measure to kill the mosquitoes. Overall, fogging can be extremely useful when used in the right proportion of the chemical. Thus you need to either hire a good disinfection team like Germ Radar or need good research before purchasing a disinfectant or fogging equipment for yourself.

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