These Home Cleaning Winter Tips Are Must Follow This Winter

It’s the year 2021 now and most of the countries that were jolted with the Covid wave are going back to normal, of course dealing with the second or third wave. Hopefully one day the news of the eradication of Covid will burst the internet, however, meanwhile, the thing that needs utmost consideration is our approach towards not only Covid but disease-causing germs as a whole. With the commence of winters, it becomes an ideal ecosystem for viruses to spread keeping festivities, gettogether, and laziness into consideration.

In winters it’s quite important to apply aggressive disinfection and cleaning drives either by professionals or at your own level. Moreover, these drives don’t have to be professional all the time, and you can take a few simple precautions (experts advice is best recommended) or by opting for simple techniques. Here are some of the ways for self-cleaning during winters.

  • Clean Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Replace your air filters every winter and consider having your air ducts and vents cleaned professionally. As per the EPA, filters should be replaced every three months at the absolute least. In months when you use your HVAC a lot, like summer and winter, we recommend doing it more regularly. It not only keeps the air clean but also maintains a consistent circulation. Additionally, updating your air filters might help you save money on furniture and flooring. The excessive build-up is also removed when your ducts and vents are cleaned, restoring adequate airflow. It also eliminates allergens that can become trapped in your house and create problems throughout the year.

  • Clean your windows

Stains are visible on windows, particularly when the winter sunbeams through. Using a moist towel, clean yours thoroughly. Remove any cobwebs or dust from the frame first. Clean your window next (you can use fabric softener for a streak-free shine). To avoid water stains, dry everything with a kitchen cloth.

  • Don’t forget to sanitize your toothbrush holder

Most individuals change their toothbrushes every 3 months or after an infection, but do you wash the brush holder on a regular basis? To assist avoid the transmission of germs, clean your toothbrush holder throughout the winter. Toss your holder in the dishwasher and you're done.

  • Clean oven with the help of baking soda

Your oven is undoubtedly in desperate need of a good clean after a season of Christmas pies and winter casseroles. Use a baking soda and water paste instead of pricey and harmful oven cleansers. Allow it to sit for an hour before scrubbing away the built-up residue using a sponge. If necessary, rinse with a moist sponge.

  • Beat the dust off the carpet

Carpets may harbour dust, grime, germs, and pet hair if not cleaned on a regular basis: 'To truly appreciate the warm and soft feeling beneath your feet in the winter, make absolutely sure your carpets are freshly cleaned. Larger carpets or rugs should be shaken outdoors twice to four times a year over a fence. Have you ever fantasised about being a tennis player? To beat the rug or carpet, use a tennis racket!'

  • Take professional help

Despite monthly or bi-monthly home cleaning, some of the spaces may not get clean properly or may have habitat for germs to grow. Thus it is suggested to go for professional cleaning for eradicating the germs completely.

If you are looking for assistance in keeping your home or workstation germs free during winters, do not hesitate in contacting Germ Radar.

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