Are Fogging Machines Safe Indoors

The fogging machine, also known as a fogger, is a flexible piece of equipment that employs a thin spray to apply a chemical solution, which is commonly used for insect management, mould prevention, and smell control. It's getting more and more common as a way to sanitise surfaces. The fogger works by applying pressure to create a fine mist (or fog) that is applied to the desired area of a business, retail or personal property with the spray density being controlled by a manual valve for the best results.

It is possible to spray up to 12 metres depending on the type of fogger used, which is enough to fill a large room. The thin fog can permeate porous surfaces and reach into corners and tricky regions.

However, the chemical usages in the fogging make it quite debatable whether it’s safe to use indoors or not. The answer to this question depends on various factors like what combination of the chemical is used in the machine, where you are using it, and the health conditions of the person coming in contact with fogging.

How to keep safe from fogging

Chemicals should be used with caution because the spray or mist might linger in the air, so give the solution time to settle and perform its job. When treatment was in progress, keeping the area clear of people protected any operatives or anyone who came into contact from inhaling any harmful chemicals.

Is a fogging machine safe indoors?

The one word, the answer is yes. However, one needs to take a lot of precautions and considerations before using the fogging machine inside, like;

  • Making sure that not hard chemicals are used

  • Using the appropriate kind of fogging indoors, considering there is a variety of fogging available and not one type can serve all the means. Especially when it’s about your health and safety.

  • Follow the during and after fogging rules carefully in order to avoid any casualty

  • Try to keep kids away while the fogging process is taking place

Things to take care of when using a fog machine inside your home

  • Decide where you want to use the fog machine in the house. You'll want to pick a location with plenty of airflows.

  • Take all valuables out of the room. Although fog machines are safe to use inside the home, the fluid used in the machine leaves a thin film on everything in the room. Make sure the space is free of pricey furnishings and anything else that would be difficult to clean..

  • Look around the room for any potentially dangerous items. Remember that after the room has fogged up, your guests won't be able to see as well. Remove everything that is potentially harmful or a tripping hazard.

  • Select a secure location for the machine. Because fog machines can get rather hot, keep them away from anything that could catch fire. It's especially important to keep it away from anything flammable.

  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation. It may be difficult to breathe or see if the fog becomes too dense. This can be avoided by using fans or leaving some doors and windows open.

  • Make sure the fog isn't going to set off your smoke alarm by testing it out.

  • Use your fog machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you get the right fog for your machine.


However, fogging is deemed to have no side effects and is considered safe for breathing, yet a few people may encounter throat or nose irritation. Also, any guest or family member with asthma or who may be particularly sensitive to fog should be kept in mind. The most important thing is, please do not try to make fog on your own as it may be dangerous and try to hire professionals like Grem Radar to reduce the chances of casualty to zero per cent.

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